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September 03, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

In Colorado, around our eastern plains, every so often, you might be lucky enough to see the fields of sunflowers. I have not been that lucky. Not in Colorado. I have seen them in Kansas but thats another story. In Colorado, I drove for miles last year and didn't see even a hint of one. This year I found them but I was a week or two too late. They were there but they were wilted and withered. The yellow petals either gone or shriveled. The leaves drooping. The rows and rows of tall blooming botanicals I expected to see looked more like a pilgrimage of elderly women. Elderly women, walking across the eastern plains much like our ancestors. Because this is what they reminded me of, I took the picture with the intention of making it look old then I found an effect that did just that. Here is 'withered' the remains of this years sunflower crops in eastern Colorado.


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