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July 30, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Slackliners, Emily McCloy and Kegan Warrning caught my attention Saturday afternoon when they were stringing rope between two trees. I was at the Cheesman Park Art Fest listening to a jazz band however, although my ears were fixated on the sounds coming from the stage my eyes were captivated by the activity just about  fifty feet away. I couldn't stop looking over in their direction so when I saw Kegan get on the line, I jumped to my feet holding my camera out hoping they would see it and understand I was asking if I could take some pictures of them. They did, he did and said yes by holding his thumb up with a smile. I stopped and started taking pictures. When Emily got on the rope, she looked up and asked if I wanted to try.  I have to admit, it would have been fun but my knee struggles enough to keep me balanced on flat ground so I said no thanks and asked if they were getting ready for a show or just practicing. I still thought this was a highwire act in the making after all I had watched 'The Walk' not long ago. They explained they were just learning and that it was called slacklining. After asking if I could use the pictures on my website, getting their names and giving Emily my card, I told her I would have them on my blog within a week. Thank you both for letting me share this fun and interesting activity.


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