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Feeding time

June 26, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

This past weekend, while working in the garden, I was startled by a sudden scream - a high screech coming from the tree behind me. I turn to look for the source of the commotion. I was expecting to witness yet another of the many squirrel dances I've seen throughout the years. To my surprise, it was not just one bird but a family. A nest! And the babies were being fed. I dropped my spade and ran in to the house for my camera. I find myself doing this so much, I should just carry it outside with me everytime I go out. And each time I think 'they will be gone by the time I get back out there'. Most of the time they are, whatever "they" are. But this time, because it was feeding time, the reason for my rush to get the camera was still there. Baby bluejays! They are still fluffy, I didn't think they were flying yet but later in the day I saw them on a different branch in the tree next to the one they were in before. They are a little older then I thought but they are still fledglings. I'll be looking for them daily until they are big enough to fly away and then I'll be looking for them to  come back. Not wanting to disturb them I used a telephoto lens. The bonus with this lens is the soft bokeh it creates around the focus point, framing the baby bluejays head and beak like a halo. Beautiful babies.


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