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Recurring dream

March 19, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I've had a recurring dream. In it I'm running away from a house into the woods or a grove of trees. I'm running away from something or something is chasing me but when I look back I don't see anything, I feel it. I know something's there and I keep looking back, that confuses me. I get lost. I run to a clearing and try to rest thinking maybe I'm safe but then I feel something behind me and I run again. Somehow I end up running out of the woods and see the house again. I feel panic and I wake up.

I've had this dream many times, I was only at the house once. I say at and not in because I was on the roof or balcony trying to get out a window to get out the house and run. 

With this shoot I tried to recreate my dream. I chose a red dress to represent danger, fear and determination. Each scene is a different part of the same dream, the house is not in them. In recreating the dream and removing the house I'm hoping to escape.

I shot under exposed with a speed light to create an eerie feel.                     

Model credit: Dai'Onna Kennedy


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